Hack. Eat all the cells using the JS Hack Script. is a catchy multiplayer browser game written in JavaScript. You need to collect pellets around the map in order to grow in size while avoiding other players who are bigger than you. If you don’t, they will eat you and will get bigger. If another larger player eats you, they will consume your cell, will get bigger and you will need to start from scratch. That’s the way how works. Cool, isn’t it?But how does using an agario hack sounds for you? 🙂

Download agario hack (.js script and documentation):

[New Script – Updated on: 12 January 2016]


NEW: Now you can also generate your agar bot code using our online web app. Please remember, that this app is NOT working on Internet Explorer.


Info: agario hack app works on Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. If you aren’t able to use on of these browsers, just download the already prepared archive.

What does this agar hack do?

agario sizE hack

7056 points in 5 minutes with the agario speed hack…

This agar hack lets you to play on invisible mode (printscreen) by setting up the opacity for you cell. So, you can just hide and hunt!

Also there ar a few old features of this agar hack like: computing best moves and moving faster. Just check the youtube video to see it in action 🙂

How to use this hack bot after download?

Well, first time you will need to install it. I did a pretty easy to understand tutorial about installing it on your browser. After you install it just press:

  • CTRL + I for agario invisibility.
  • CTRL + S for increasing the movement speed.
  • CTRIL + D for decreasing the movement speed.

If you don’t like collecting pellets and avoiding bigger cells, you can also press the space bar to split your cell in half, sending one half flying forward in order to capture a fleeing cell (or to save yourself from an imminent threat). That’s a nice feature of, but would work fine just on already big players. The game is free to play, but the team is already hard at work on a full Steam version, which you can vote for.

The full version of is expected to feature more game modes, a skin editor, account stats and other stuff you won’t find in the browser version. It’s also going to be free to play wich make it great 🙂 Now, let’s talk about the hack that I cooked for you here 🙂

A small agario hack review from Jenna. Hack – JavaScript Code and Instructions

agar-hackNOTE: don’t forget to read the readme.txt file or the info for readme page.

A few about me: friends call me NICK and in online you can find me under redhat01 username.I don’t call myself a hacker, but I like to study code and find vulnerabilites on games and other softwares. So I was create a JavaScript ( is written in JavaScript) for that let me win on this browser game. I have looked into the game source code to see how it works.

Once I understood, I had the awesome idea to write up some bots in JavaScript, which evade other players and run straight into me… it actually worked! In that way I get bigger and bigger up to a point where nobody can eat me, so I could win the game with this hack!   I want to share my JavaScript code with you guys, but please do not abuse of it. Just remember, is just for fun and playing with codes, cheats and hacks isn’t really a good habit! Download the code, read and apply the instructions and enjoy your! If you have problems, just drop me an email. Also, their programers find and patch this, let me know. I will find another one. I always do 🙂

I noticed that there are a lot of you who want to play agar without hacks, because they are that kind of ethical persons that don’t like to cheat. I opened a new category on this blog with advices for agar, so, you can let the agar hack for jerks ^_^ and play with just a good strategy 🙂


Agario Hack Demo For Increasing the Size:

This is a new feature on this agario hack script. I’m still waiting for your feedback to see if is worth to improve it. I added it on your sugestions but from my point of view is pretty lame to grow the size on agario without playing it 🙂

How to play agario without hacks but still to be great?

Well, if you are that kind that have a logical thinking this would be piece of cake and you won’t need any agario hack to be the best on this game. All you need to do is to follow some basic principles and to pay atention. We havea a nice article about best agario practices that I encourage you to read and of course to apply.


A few more about this hack: