Agar Hack Without Surveys [Free Download]


Hello Guys!

A lot of you asked me to let this agar cheat on free download because there are no offers on your country, you don’t want to complete the surveys or _insert_random_reason_here.

Well, today (25 May 2015) the agar hack is on free download. Enjoy, share it with your friends and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or problems on installing it.

Update: as I saw that a few of you got frustrated because of surveys, I felt the need to come back with an update here.

The “no survey” download was just for 25 May 2015. After that day, the old links were  automatically updated.

The agario hack will be again for download without surveys on 7 August 2015.

Good luck everyone!

32 thoughts on “Agar Hack Without Surveys [Free Download]

  1. matthew

    hey the download link isnt working for me can u please send me a download link? i have tried all of the surveys and liked you many times on google+ and twitter but it still needs me to complete survey! please help!

  2. chad

    hi i live in japan, this link just goes back to the main page, where is the no-surveys link? i dont mind donating via paypal

  3. Tomáš

    Can you gimme a link, that is not with survey? I am from Slovakia, and there are no surveys free.


    Please i am in country where is not any surveys, send me email with this hack please without surveys.. thanks 🙂

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