Readme Agar Hack


Q: What is this hack?

A: As is coded in javascript, the agar hack is a .js script that allow you to do … stuffs 🙂

The point is that you won’t need to install .exe files or something else. If anyone else tells you to install a .exe file for this, you should run away.


Q: Why do I need to complete a survey?

A: Because … that’s the way how things works. Do get something, you need to give something in return. So, give us a few minutes from your time 🙂 We spent about 3 days to develop this agar hack. We are giving it for free so you can do at least complet a survey that in the most of the cases is free. There are surveys that will charge your phone, but you can just skip them and chose the free ones. If you can’t complete it from any reasons, feel free to send us an email.


Q: What to do after I get the agarhack.js archive?

A: Read the instructions. I described there step by step how to install and configure the hack with the most major browsers.


Q: What do I do if I can’t install it?

A: Just drop us an email with details.

Q: How can I donate you some cash for giving me the archive without completing a survey?

A: You can’t! I don’t accept donation BUT, you can donate a few bucks for people from NEPAL ( link) and send me a prinscreen to check it, and I will send you a direct download link.